Better than a month ago, one of the tool rests for Thom’s mini-lathe broke, so we brought it to a local machine shop for repair because it and the Wilton mini-lathe have been discontinued. At least he had a couple of smaller tool rests he could use until we got it back.

Then, a few weeks ago, the lathe started to groan and rattle. It was indeed in the early stages of death.

What is a wood turner without his lathe? RESTLESS

We ordered a new Jet lathe and finally picked it up at Lowe’s last week. Thom loves it.

A friend of our had a cherry tree come down earlier this summer and told us we were welcome to come out and take as much of it as we wanted. At the monthly wood turner’s meeting Thom asked if anyone was interested in some cherry wood. Two gentlemen were not only interested, but they volunteered to come and help. In discussion, they also said they would help us take down a Bradford pear tree that had been split in a spring storm. (We had removed the fallen branch earlier, before we learned that pear wood was good for turning.)

After three days work, we have a patio to the shop full of turnable wood pieces that have been sealed.

The cherry turns beautifully. Here is the first project – a rolling pin. The grain is beautiful. This is just a show piece, however, since he didn’t use a food safe finish.

In September, Thom went with a few other members of the Duck River Wood Turners to a local high school to show some of the students how to turn pens. It was here that he turned his first pen.

He was hooked.

In addition to this, the pen blanks, pen kits, and pen assembly tool have arrived and Thom is perfecting his skill at making pens.



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