Yes, I’m late in posting today. While Thom has been out in the shop turning, I’ve been upstairs in the house painting our guest room. It had been a vibrant green, but after washing the walls, priming, and two coats of paint the room is a soothing blue.

Thom, on the other hand, has been experimenting. He bought a bolt action pen kit and made it out of purple heart.


And a few more pens.

He cut and glued dark wood to light wood to create a checkerboard pattern. In turning it, he found that it will be better “ovalish.” I think it would look awesome if he drilled out the center and glued in a glass test tube for a window ledge bud vase. He also created two more votive candle holders.


At the monthly turner’s meeting, we watched a demonstration of how to turn a bracelet.

We also bought a larger, used band saw from a fellow wood turner who is looking to down size before he looks at moving. We also bought some clamps and a tool that is used in gluing planks together.

Wood turners, as well as other craft people, fascinate me. They will, for the most part, share any expertise and help you succeed. This gentleman, as well as his wife who works with fused glass, were a wealth of motivation and information.

This week, I will be working to get the rest of our inventory up for sale and start to create inventory myself.


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