Work in the shop came to a screeching halt in early December when we realized that the propane tank which had been heating the space was empty.

Last year, we were new to the propane scene. It was only when the flame in the gas fireplace stopped flickering that we realized that the tank was empty. I couldn’t understand it. When we moved in, the tank was almost half full, if I remember correctly. Our furnace was electric, as most are in Middle Tennessee, and I had not run the gas fireplace much. What I didn’t understand was that when the temperatures dipped below a certain degree, the electric furnace was automatically assisted by propane. Here, I thought that I had to tell the system to get help from the propane.

Getting the tank filled was a new experience. The company needed to inspect the tank before they filled it.

Now, we thought that the separate shop tank was full because we hadn’t used it at all last winter. Nope. Not full, but probably almost empty. We called the propane company only to hear that they needed to inspect this one, but we couldn’t find serial number anywhere. When they came out, they determined that they couldn’t fill it, but that we needed to disconnect it, load it into our truck, and get it filled ourselves. Yup, you guessed it. It was fashioned after the propane tank that is attached to your gas grill, except that it held 100 gallons.


Thank goodness for friends. Thom has a friend that had a dolly that he loaned us to move the tank from the back of the shop to the truck and back again.

Christmas brought Thom the motivation to turn pens for gifts.


Then, of course, we had to go north to celebrate Christmas.

We are now back home and Thom is back in the shop while I have been working to update our Etsy shop. We now have votive holders and bowls and saucers up for sale. He is working to increase our inventory of pens as well.


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