New Things in the Shop

LAST WEEK IN THE SHOP – Or maybe I should say the last few WEEKS in the shop.

Thom took a week away from Creative N’Deavors shop the end of April / the beginning of May, but he didn’t take a week away from turning. He went with several members of the Duck River Wood Turners club to the Arrowmont Art School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on the big lathes.

the shop 1aa

The shop had numerous individual stations

the shop 2a

and an enormous table saw, as well as other industrial tools.

the shop 3a

This was Thom’s station –

the shop 4a

complete with a place to put your tools.

In this setting, if you needed help or assistance or sounded like you needed it, there was someone who came to share new skills. Thom learned a great deal about turning and sharpening and shaping tools.

In the four days Thom was there, he finished two bowls and nearly completed two others.

The first he finished was a red oak bowl with a bark inclusion.

red oak bowl 1a

red oak bowl 2a

Then he worked on a piece of lignum vitae, considered the world’s densest wood. It’s the national tree of the Bahamas and is strong, hard, heavy, dense, and water/salt water resistant.

lignum vitae bowl 2a

lignum vitae bowl 3a

Thom also got me in the shop to start creating (one day a week he said – one day – one day turned into more than one day).

On the last full day, Gatlinburg experienced 90 mile an hour straight line winds that felled trees with huge root balls. (Last year’s fires had weakened the root systems so that nearly 30 trees fell on the Arrowmont property alone.)

Now, what do two resourceful wood turners do? They ask if they can have some of the wood from the tree that fell near the dorm they stayed in.

fallen walnut tree 1a

They take the chainsaw they had the foresight to bring and fill the bed of the truck up with walnut.

Of course, when you get the wood home, you must coat it with anchor seal.


And then one must bring the bulk of the walnut to the turner club meeting and share it.

Then, because he enjoyed turning the larger pieces and the larger lathe and because it was on sale, we purchased a larger lathe: 18 x 40. Of course, this then required a new shop floor plan.

new lathe 1a


All over a few weeks in the shop. Whew!


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