Slowly, but surely.

Changing careers and lifestyles takes time and effort. Thom has gone from driving semi across the country to wood turning. I have gone from teaching high school to writing and crafting. AND, we both went from living in Illinois to living in Tennessee. By focusing here, at least once a week, on what has happened in the shop and what we have accomplished, I begin to feel a drive to get something, anything done.


A few weeks ago, Thom realized that his large band saw blade was too dull to cut much of anything. In addition, he discovered that the small band saw, which we had been having problems with for a while, had the wrong size blade on it. Solution? Of course, order new blades. Yes, he could have gone to a local hardware store and possibly purchased new blades, but by placing an order with a fellow wood turner (who ordered in bulk when he ordered), we received a bit of a break on the price. So, excitement rose when the gentleman called and said the blades had come in.

Starting a crafting business is not just about the creating, but it is also about the selling. It’s a hard gig at the beginning. You need time to create inventory, but you need inventory to participate in the farmer’s markets or craft fairs. We have turned to Etsy (Yes, I need to update the inventory) and word of mouth. This week, Thom sold two of his bowls: one made of box elder and one of cherry, but the better news was that he was given an order for a walnut bowl.

The Duck River Wood Turners club organizes turner events where the members set up a “workshop” and demonstrate the craft of wood turning. Thom spent Saturday morning at one such event outside an area Home Depot store. He decided to use his time there at the lathe (2 lathes set up and the members shared lathe time) turning a top which he gave to a girl who was watching the demonstration.

All in all it was a good week.


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